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Ace Vega Technologies provides innovative, reliable, and cost-effective ELV technology solutions. Our goal is to enhance the comfort and intelligence of your business and home with the latest advancements. Committed to making your life easier, we ensure the unparalleled quality, efficiency, and reliability of our services.

Ace Vega Technologies stands out as the leading ELV company in Dubai, providing high-quality, critical ELV systems to ensure safety and security in commercial and residential areas Since Ace Vega Technologies has recognised the paramount importance of security in all aspects of life, it is dedicated to providing the highest quality, top-notch ELV technology to protect both individuals and businesses.

In an era when security guards were the primary solution to gateways and security threats, technological advances have greatly enhanced workplace security. We offer devices that enhance security on your premises and actively prevent crimes.

As the leading ELV system integrators in Dubai, Ace Vega Technologies installs ELV systems and appropriate security systems, along with any other related equipment, to ensure a complete and effective security solution.

If you are thinking of using a comprehensive ELV solution from a professional ELV company in Dubai, contact us today. Based in Dubai, our services extend beyond the city. If you require ELV services in Abu Dhabi or any other emirate in the UAE, we are ready to provide installation and supply services.

IT AMC Service

Our ELV Systems and Services in Dubai, UAE

Best ELV Company in UAE

Safety and Security - CCTV and Intrusion Alarm System

The customers will receive assurance about their safety against intrusion and theft by carrying out comprehensive protection measures and the installation of surveillance systems. Ace Vega Technologies Dubai is a trusted partner in securing solutions that meet all the requirements. We are experts in conducting CCTV infrastructure consulting, designing, developing, and commissioning systems in conformity with SIRA. In the UAE, we provide our services.

Our broad solutions provide service to various places, such as villas, residential flats, commercial buildings, hospitals, banks, and educational institutions.

Access Control and Intercom System Dubai

Our access control system covers secure, fully safe gates, doors, or barriers that can be accessed using identity authentication methods such as RFID access cards, pin codes, face recognition, fingerprints, or smartphones. Such methods provide security access that is either enabled or restricted to a building or specific areas, respectively. Besides that, this technology allows you to check the data, which is the frequency and period of site and building usage.

This scheme facilitates you with managing access to the firm’s sensitive places, implementing keyless entry, discouraging vandalism by unauthorised visitors, and improving traffic management. This will provide the customers with a means of establishing a safe and loss-free space.

We have the necessary access control solutions that are tailor-made for a variety of establishments, such as villas, residential blocks, businesses, hospitals, banks, academic institutions, and industrial factories.

Efficient ID Censoring Machines
Professional Structured cabling

Structured Cabling System

Structured network cabling is a comprehensive system of cables and hardware that connects the communications and network infrastructure of your organisation With a simple, structured and flexible structure, the array of cables provides seamless communication between computers, phones and devices. This streamlined process ensures ease of transition when moving your data centre or office. Our services include the delivery and installation of cables on your premises. Our structured cabling system solutions address a variety of environments, including commercial buildings, hospitals, telecom companies, offices, luxury apartments, corporate offices, banks, multi-story buildings and towers around

Public Address System

Crafted to supply clean sound duplicate and speech intelligibility, even in environments with improved background noise levels, our PA systems are designed to satisfy your audio needs. A variety of PA systems are at your disposal, ranging from expansive setups used in stadiums to easy microphones included into home stereos. These systems are available in diverse styles and sizes. Rest confident, we stand at the leading edge of technology, ready to provide you with the maximum appropriate system that aligns along with your necessities. Our solutions cater to a wide array of settings, along with airports, faculty auditoriums, villas, basement discos, retail outlets, buying shops, flats, colleges, and mosques.

Public Address System
Telephone and PABX Systems

Telephone and PABX Systems

Modern business telephone systems, commonly referred to as Private Automated Branch Exchanges (PABXs), use switchboards to connect external and internal calls within the internal network

PABX systems play an important role in modern businesses, regardless of size. They offer a much more efficient alternative to private landlines. With the PABX system, customers can call a centralized number and enter a specific extension to reach the intended contact.

Our solutions address a variety of settings, including corporate offices, banks, hotels, hospitals, government offices, and residential buildings.

SMATV System and IPTV Headend System

Experience enhanced channel control over televisions in your building or organization with SMATV – an easy-to-use digital satellite master antenna television system. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is gaining popularity in modern hotels . Users can have options by connecting their PC to the LAN or connecting their regular TV to the LAN with an IPTV decoder.

We work in partnership with architects, interior designers, estate agents, construction companies, and building owners and landlords to ensure their happiness. Our installation and network support teams are readily available to assist you throughout the implementation process.

Our solutions cater to a wide variety of different environments, including bars, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and prisons.

home automation companies dubai
home automation companies dubai

Smart Home System: Home Automation Solutions

Ace Vega Technologies Dubai guarantees seamless integration of your family of systems and appliances, perfectly tailored to meet your needs and adapt to evolving needs.

Whether you need a home security system, smart lighting, a lighting management system, or a smart home theatre installation, we strive to provide high quality solutions for smart homes. If you have any questions or are asking questions about the cost of installing a smart home, contact us today.

Our solutions cater to a variety of scenarios, including luxury apartments, hotels, banks and multi-story towers

Sound Systems

Experience enhanced control over the channel lineup of televisions in your building or organisation with SMATV, an easy-to-use digital satellite master antenna television system. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is growing in popularity in modern hotels . Users can have options by connecting their PC to the LAN or connecting their regular TV to the LAN with an IPTV decoder.

We work in partnership with architects, interior designers, estate agents, construction companies, and building owners/landlords to ensure their happiness. Our installation and network support teams are readily available to assist you throughout the implementation process.

Our solutions cater to a wide variety of different environments, including bars, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and prisons. Please read on for more information.

Sound Systems

Video Management System | Video Surveillance Cameras

A video surveillance system is an important tool that allows users to monitor incidents from CCTV cameras, alarms, or sensors. These systems can include cameras, encoders for analogue cameras, and servers for video processing and storage. The VMS software intelligently monitors all systems, notifying security personnel of potential hazards, threats, incidents, and scheduled tasks.

Our product offerings cover a wide range of installations and applications, requiring quality and efficiency. We provide tailored solutions for apartments, penthouses, apartment buildings, and shopping malls.

Automation Solutions

Why Choose Ace Vega Technologies from ELV Companies in Dubai?

  • Expert and Skilled Team: Our team comprises experienced engineers, designers, and technicians with a wealth of expertise in the ELV industry, capable of providing tailored solutions to fulfill your unique requirements.
  • Top-notch Products: Partnering with reputable brands and manufacturers, we ensure that our ELV systems boast the highest standards of quality and reliability.
  • Competitive Pricing: We provide competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality or performance of our ELV solutions, making advanced technology accessible to a broad spectrum of clients.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: We take pride in delivering exceptional customer service and support throughout every stage of your ELV system’s lifecycle, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience for our clients.

Leading ELV Company in Dubai, UAE

Ace Vega Technologies is a leading ELV company based in Dubai, UAE, presenting complete ELV (Extra Low Voltage) structures customized to meet every consumer’s specific necessities. Our good sized range of ELV services in Dubai includes IPTV, SMATV, CCTV, digital signage (public address structures), domestic automation, statistics and verbal exchange structures (ICT), audio/video answers, fire alarm structures, get right of entry to manipulate, and detection structures, amongst others. Our team of surprisingly skilled specialists presents well timed technical help to make certain that your concerns are right away addressed. At Ace Vega Technologies, we satisfaction ourselves on handing over innovative answers and cost-effective assets. Join us today to get admission to dependable ELV answers in Dubai and amazing services tailored in your wishes.

Our services include the supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of the entire ELV system, covering but not limited to:

IPTV System / SMATV Services / CATV
CCTV Surveillance & Security System / IP Surveillance
Public Address System
Home Automation
Access Control System / Fire Alarm System / Door Access Control
Information & Communication Systems / Structured Cabling
Audio Visual Systems
AMC Services (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Partner with Ace Vega Technologies Today

Enhance your security with an ELV security system in Dubai, UAE. Reach out to us at 0566825005, 044576043, or email us at info@acevegatechnologies.com now to see how we can assist you in reclaiming control of your security.


An ELV (Extra Low Voltage) system refers to electrical systems that operate at lower voltages than the standard power distribution. ELV systems include technologies such as data and voice networks, safety monitoring systems, fire alarm systems, building automation, and other low-power components

ELV is a broad term that covers systems with low energy consumption in buildings. “Low current” usually refers to the flow of electricity in these low settings, and is often used to modulate ELV. Thus, while ELV is an all-inclusive class, low current particularly emphasizes the reduced current associated with these systems.

ELV systems typically operate at less than 50 volts. This is much less than the standard electrical distribution voltage, which is typically 120/240 volts in residential conditions and 208/480 volts in commercial and industrial conditions

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) generally refers to a broad range of technologies using communication devices, such as computers, software, communications and telecommunications. ICT can include both high and low voltage components, while ELV is restricted to low voltages only.

ELV Company specializes in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of Extra Low Voltage systems. Typically, these companies provide services related to security systems, access control systems, fire alarm systems, data networks, audiovisual equipment, and other low-power technologies

An ELV engineer is a professional skilled in the design, operation and maintenance of Extra Low Voltage systems. They are aware of various low-energy technologies and ensure that these systems meet the specific requirements and standards of each project.

An ELV room is a designated area within a building where control panels, servers, and other equipment connected to other low voltage systems are installed. It provides a centralized location for monitoring and controlling low voltage technologies installed in the room

In communication, ELV stands for “Extra Low Voltage”. It refers to systems with low power consumption on the network, such as data and voice interfaces, security systems, and other related technologies.

An ELV technician is a professional who specializes in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of low power redundancy systems. They use a range of low-cost technologies, including security systems, data networks, and audiovisual equipment.

ELV System Safety refers to the methods and technologies used in other low voltage systems to ensure the safety of a building or facility. This may include access control systems, surveillance cameras, intrusion detection systems, and other security-related ELV features.

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